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In this article, you will see the 11 best isekai manhwa with op mc of 2021. Isekai genre refers to the story where the main lead is transported to a different world. It has started to become a very popular genre worldwide.

What makes this genre more interesting is that most often when the protagonist is transported to a different world he is given a cheat-like ability. Most of the time they just become so much powerful that no one in that world can rival the lead.

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List of 11 Best Isekai Manhwa With OP MC

  • Devil Down Under
  • Her Summon
  • I Picked Up An Attribute
  • Mookyang – Dark Lady
  • Player
  • The Second Coming Of Gluttony
  • Survival Story Of The Sword King
  • Wizard Of Arsenia
  • FFF Class Trashero
  • Ranker Who Lives A Second Time
  • The Beginning After The End

Now we will discuss all of this isekai manhwa with op mc in more detail.

11. Devil Down Under

devil down under isekai manhwa

The devils can get reborn with their memory intact. And the angels were able to multiply quickly because of the human world. The human world was in between heaven and hell and was separate from both angela and devils. The angels had full rule over humans while devils didn’t. The angels didn’t allow the devil to have any control over the human world, and this leads to war between them.

Beelzebub who is the king of the devil was betrayed by his subordinate. After being killed he was reincarnated in a body of a boy in a human world. The story of this isekai manhwa is very interesting from the beginning.

10. Her Summon

her summon isekai manhwa

It is an isekai manhwa with op mc that is a very different kind of isekai webtoon as the name suggests the protagonist can get summoned to another world. When the main character is summoned to the otherworld he can wield immense power that no one can rival against.

The main character is a shut-in who has the trauma of others. He is not able to go out of his house after an incident that happened with him. He also had “Social Anxiety Disorder”. Overall it is a perfect isekai manhwa with great story progressions and art.

9. I Picked Up An Attribute

I Picked Up An Attribute

Feng Xia is the main character of this manhwa. He is given a leveling up system as a cheat ability when he is transported to another world. The world where the main character has transported is set into cultivation and magic. The main character was a gamer in his previous world.

Overall this isekai manhwa with op mc has a really good story and the art is also very good. Not the best out there but I’ll highly recommend you see it for yourself. If you feel like it read it and if not you can drop this anytime.

8. Mookhyang – Dark Lady

Mookhyang dark lady isekai manhwa

This isekai manhwa features Mookyang as the protagonist. He was transferred to another world by a spell used by the devil clan. In this new world, people are either magician or a swordsman, unlike his previous world where everyone was a cultivator.

Overall the story is very good until the point where the main character is turned into a girl. The protagonist gets cursed and is turned into a girl. From this point, the story changes a lot and the same overpowered character turns into a weak little girl. Even though it is like this I highly recommend you try it out.

7. Player


The main character of this isekai webtoon always used to get bullied in school. And there was a very famous children’s show going on that was very popular among children. The strongest player in that show was a girl and even the number 2nd player couldn’t come close to it. The main character gets summoned right in between the number 1 and 2 player.

Overall for the story, the main character is guided by the god of that world. The god gave him an ego sword that will help him in his journey to defeat the number 1 player. Even the art of this isekai manhwa is very good and I’ll highly recommend you try it out.

6. The Second Coming Of Gluttony

the second coming of gluttony

The main character has a special ability to find out his luck. He will see green when things are good and red when things are bad. Due to this, he was able to earn a lot of money from the casino. But one day he lost his ability and became an addict and life completely changed for him. Even his family gave up on him.

But one day a mysterious girl finds him and reawakens his memory from the past of a different world. The girl asked him to go to that world again and by doing, she will pay him a lot of money. The main character again begins his treacherous journey risking his life in another world.

5. Survival Story Of The Sword King

survival story of the sword king

Many people were being summoned to another world in which our main character also gets transported to a different world. In another world, the system that he was given had bugs in it. The system also used to show errors due to which his level never used to increase. But even with this, the main character can become stronger. He just becomes too strong that no one in that world was able to defeat him. The creator soon found about him and wanted to get rid of him to avoid any suspicion. He then again is transferred to another world.

Overall the story of this isekai manhwa is really good and the main character is overpowered. The protagonist also never reveals his power to anyone in the other world. Otherworld people are considered very dangerous and even the kingdom has started a red alert to them.

4. Wizard Of Arsenia

wizard of arsenia

Dragons are known as the strongest and most intelligent beings in the world. To show their supremacy to one another, they decided to develop a new type of magic. During the experiment of the dragon, the main character gets summoned to their world. But the dragons don’t have any magic to send him back to his original world.

This isekai manhwa is set in a world of magic and fantasy. The main character can only return to his original world by learning magic and the dragons have set a trial for him. Overall the story is very good and I’ll highly suggest you try it out.

3. FFF Class Trashero

fff class trashero

The main character of this manhwa was summoned to another world to defeat the demon king. After killing the demon king the god presented to him his character report card. God gave him an F grade for his personality. The god turns back to the time when he was just summoned to another world to defeat the demon king. Now the main character has to redo everything from the start.

Overall, it is one of the most liked isekai manhwa and has a great art style. Just like the title suggests the main character has a trashy personality and you will see that from its first chapter.

2. Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

ranker who lives a second time

The main character had a twin brother who suddenly disappeared when their mother was sick. After many years passed by Yeon-woo found his brother’s watch and his diary. It mentioned everything that happened with his brother in another world. He went to another world to find a cure for his mother, but while going for that goal he got betrayed by his teammates.

The main character then goes to that world to take revenge for his brother. This is how the story begins. Overall, it is a great isekai manhwa with op mc where the main character is out for revenge. And the art is simply stunning.

1. The Beginning After The End

The beginning after the end

This is a magic, fantasy type of isekai manhwa where our main character is Arthur Lewin. In his past life, he was a king, but in this life, he is born into a simple family. The main character doesn’t know how he died and got into this world. In this life, he wants to live his life to the fullest. It is one of the most popular manhwa second only to Solo Leveling.

This is one of the best magic type of manhwa you will find where the main character is overpowered and smart as well. I highly recommend you to try it if you have not read it.

This was all for Isekai manhwa list

I will highly suggest you try each one of them. All of this manhwa is really amazing with a great story and art. Each one of them is unique in its own way. If you are looking for more recommendations like these then make sure to check out our YouTube Channel – Noble Suggestions

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