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Hello There!!! Are you looking for reincarnation manga with OP MC? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share with you the 10 Best Reincarnation manga or manga about reincarnation where the story will be mainly focussed on time travel.

When I was looking for reincarnation manga there weren’t that many good results available or some were very old results. Because of that, I have decided to only those manga that isn’t present on any other websites. I hope you enjoy today’s list of manga with reincarnation.

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List of Best Reincarnation Manga With OP MC

  • The Story of a Low Rank Soldier Becoming a Monarch
  • Past Life of the Thunder God
  • Infinite Level Up in Murim
  • Devouring Realm
  • The Reborn
  • I Will Die Soon
  • The Heavenly Demon Destroys Lich King’s Murim
  • The Game That I Came From
  • Return Of The Mount Hua Sect
  • Rebirth of The 8th Class Magician

So These are some of the manga about reincarnation. Let me know if I should add more to this list. Also, check where I read manga here

10. The Story of Low Rank Soldier Becoming a Monarch

The Story of Low Rank Soldier Becoming a Monarch - reincarnation manga

When the main character was 15 years old he lost his right hand on the battlefield and by the age of 24, he mastered the skills that could help him survive. Now, at the age of 39, he was doing a mercenary job to protect some merchants. During that trip, everyone got attacked by people who wielded artifacts.

He fought with their leader, lost his other remaining hand, and defeated their leader after swallowing his artifact. But later he falls from the cliff and after death, he gets reborn at the time when he started his journey as a soldier it’s a good reincarnation manhwa. Do check it out.

9. Past Life of The Thunder God

Past Life of The Thunder God - manga with reincarnation

The main character was a hero who brought down the heretic cult that drove the murim world to ruin. But he was killed due to the betrayal of seven emperors because they were afraid of his strength and didn’t want him to be a hero.

After dying, 30 years went by and he got reborn in the body of Byek Gong whose meridians were crippled. After being reborn he found his enemies to be alive now he starts his journey for revenge. it is a good reincarnation manga but the story proceeds really fast so keep that in mind.

8. Infinite Level Up In Murim

Infinite Level Up In Murim - manga about reincarnation

The protagonist of this reincarnation manhwa died on the battlefield while trying to protect his employee. Only to find out that those people used him and his men as their seal to escape from there. Even after finding that out, he died with no regrets.

After dying he wakes up and finds that he was brought back in time when he was just starting his journey as a child. After waking up he also finds a system that helps him to get stronger. Now with his memories of things that will happen in the future along with the system he starts his second life.

7. Devouring Realm

Devouring Realm - best reincarnation manga

There was once a king who left a divine item on a great continent. If anyone would take it he would become the strongest in the world. This item granted the user the ability to copy others’ skills. The protagonist and his teammates were the first teams to find it out but after that, they were all ambushed and killed.

The main character was the only one remaining alive but after losing all of his teammates he decided to commit suicide after destroying the stone. Right after dying, he found himself back at the time when all of this started he also found a stone to come back with him now with his memories and the ability to copy skills he decides to protect everyone in this second life.

6. The Reborn

The Reborn - reincarnation manga with op mc

In a continent far far away an ancient kingdom Laham was destroyed. In that war Zeluo, our protagonist died in another country and his body was reduced to bones and ashes. However, Zeluo woke up from mysterious magic and after being reborn he lost all of his memories and emotions.

In his mind hallucinations and voices urged him non-stop to return to his homeland Laham. To get his original self back and his determination to return home made him embark on a long and treacherous journey without any hesitation. This is a really good manga with reincarnation but it hasn’t been updated in many months now.

5. I Will Die Soon

I Will Die Soon

This is a really interesting reincarnation manhwa where the main character was a loser in life rejected by everyone around him. Because of that, he decided to commit suicide. After dying his soul was abducted by let’s say a god of death. Who tells him that she will send his soul to 13 different people who are gonna die soon.

He will have to live in their body and if he manages to survive he will be able to keep living that life and if he dies all 13 times then his punishment will be worse than death. The story shows the life experiences of different people and I will guarantee that you are gonna love this one.

4. The Heavenly Demon Destroys the Lich King’s Murim

The Heavenly Demon Destroys the Lich King’s Murim

This is also a very interesting manhwa that has been released recently where our protagonist’s character is really interesting. The protagonist was a leader of the demonic cult who had no interest in the affairs of murim. One day a lich king came from a different world and invaded this world.

When the main character confronted him the protagonist wasn’t in a good state and because of that he got defeated. After 140 years he took over the body of a child and found out that the lich king has overtaken this world. After finding that out he decides to devise a plan to defeat the lich king again this is a must-read reincarnation manga with op mc from this list.

3. The Game That I Came From

the Game That I Came From - manga with reincarnation

The story of this reincarnation manhwa mainly takes place inside of a game world right now. The people that started playing the game at its start were able to awaken abilities that they were able to use in real life. The main character wasn’t one of these people and one day while playing the game because of a bug he died.

When he opened his eyes he found he has returned three years in time. now with his memories of things that will happen in the future he starts playing the game again intending to become the best at it.

2. Return of the Mount Hua Sect

Return of the Mount Hua Sect

Chung Myung the protagonist of this manhwa was the 13th disciple of Mount Hua. He was one of the three great swordsmen of the world known as the plum blossom sword saint who defeated Chunma who brought destruction and disarray onto the world. After the battle, he breathed his last breath on top of the mountain of the heavenly demon sect.

After 100 years of that incident, he gets reborn in the body of the child and found that one of the 10 great sects Mount Hua sect has fallen now after getting reborn he decides to rebuild the set to the point of its past. It is a must-read manga about reincarnation with op mc.

1. Rebirth of the 8th Class Magician

Rebirth of the 8th Class Magician

The protagonist here is the 8th class magician who served the nation and because of his help, the empire won many wars. After the war, he decided to live a quiet life right that he was killed by Ragnar his friend who also was the emperor.

He decided to kill him because he feared the power of the protagonist before dying the protagonist applied time magic to his dagger and pierced his own heart because of that he returned in time with the memory intact now he starts his journey for revenge. It is one of the best manga with reincarnation with op mc.

A Word From Us

So these were all of the manga that we wanted to recommend in this post. Let me know if I should add more to this list in the comments or if you have any problems or suggestions. Let us know that as well either through comments or contact us using our contact page.

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