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If you are looking for dungeon manga, you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to share with you the 10 best dungeon manga and manhwa you need to try out.

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List of Top 10 Dungeon Manga and Manhwa

  • My daughter is the final boss
  • The Hero Returns
  • Worthless regression
  • The teacher of perishable villains
  • The undefeated Ranker
  • I have an SSS-rank Trait, but I want a Normal Life
  • The S-Classes that I raised
  • Swordmaster’s youngest son
  • My Mom Is My Constellation
  • 990k Ex-Life Hunter

Here I listed all 10 Dungeon Manga/ Manhwa that we will share with you in this post. Now we will discuss all 10 of them in detail below.

10. My daughter is the final boss

My Daughter is the Final Boss dungeon manhwa

The main character, Lee Seojoon, was one of the strongest hunters who with the help of his comrades was tasked to kill the final boss in order to save the planet. But,  In the end, he wasn’t able to do so because the final boss was his daughter. After being killed by the sword saint he was reincarnated back in time when everything started. Now, he vows to not repeat the same mistake and correct his wrongdoings in this life.

This is a newly released manhwa. Both the art and the story of this dungeon manhwa is good. The main character is also strong from the start and uses his future knowledge to his advantage. So, if you haven’t read this till now then you should give this a try.

9. The Hero Returns

The Hero Returns

The world was in chaos when monsters suddenly started appearing and threatened human lives. To cope with this some selected people were given special abilities to save humanity. Among all of these people, the main protagonist was chosen to be a hero and save humankind. Without even knowing the main character was thrown into this chaos and his only goal was to save humanity.

But the reality was too cruel for him. He didn’t really have enough power and at last, he also perished along with others. But right after dying he returns back in time and wakes up in another person’s body. After receiving this second chance in life he decides to make full use of this opportunity and gets stronger. It is a good dungeon manhwa with op mc be sure to try this out.

8. Worthless regression

Worthless Regression dungeon manga

The main character Lee Sungmin was an ordinary person who one day got summoned to another world called “Eria”. And after enduring all kinds of hardships for 13 years but still dies miserably at the end. But right after his death, he regresses back to the past due to the ‘Stone of the Past life’ that he had obtained by chance. Now with the second chance at life, he is determined to move forward and become stronger no matter what it takes.

Both the art and the story of this dungeon manhwa is good. The main character is weak at the start but he trains hard for a long period of time in order to become stronger. He also goes through character development.

7.  The Teacher of Perishable Villains

The Teacher of Perishable Villains

The main character of this manhwa wakes up in a lab full of monsters. And, after gathering enough information, he finds out that he was inside the game called “Mystic World” that he created in his past life. His current identity was of a test subject called Lee Han who was also one of the twelve doomed villains. Now, he decides to turn all the people who were destined to become villains into legendary hunters.

The main character of this manhwa is strong from the start and also uses his future knowledge of the game to his advantage, in order to survive. The art of this manhwa might be average but the story seems promising.

6. The Undefeated Ranker

Undefeated Ranker

On the Day of Judgement, monsters from other dimensions started to invade earth. And this continued for many years. And after, Thirty-two years later, humans with special abilities called hunters appeared and started to fight the monsters to keep humanity safe. They train in an online game called “Lost City” to get stronger, but the best player, Jinsoo Kwon also known as “Unknown,” was not a hunter. 

He only plays the game in order to earn the money for his sister’s medical bills. But, one day a guild recruits Jinsoo to be a hunter in return for his sister’s medicine fees, it was an offer that he can’t refuse even if he wanted to. Follow him as he becomes a hunter and gets stronger.

5. I have an SSS-rank Trait, but I want a Normal Life

I have an SSS-rank Trait, but I want a Normal Life

In the year 2050, monsters started appearing and beings such as constellations started appearing as well. Humanity was in chaos, but soon after that people with powers and magical abilities also started appearing. In this chaotic world, the main character was just a regular civilian who didn’t have any power, for which he was content with his quiet life. 

But one day after a night, he got an sss rank trait and legendary grade equipment, which is a lifetime opportunity for anyone. But from now on his quiet and peaceful life was over, as he had to fight in order to level up. The art and the story of this dungeon manhwa with op mc is good. So, if you haven’t read it till now then you should give this a try.

4. The S-Classes that I raised

The S-Classes That I Raised dungeon manga

The main character, Han Yoojin, was an F-rank hunter who was holding back his S-Rank younger brother. After completing the impossible task of slaying the dragon that killed his younger brother, Han Yoojin regresses back to the past when he was still unawakened. After receiving the title of “The perfect Caregiver”, he decides to live a low-profile life while watching over other S-Ranker hunters. That’s what he thought, but the S-Ranks he nurtured are a little weird.

This is a new dungeon and hunters manhwa with amazing art. Unlike other manhwa where the main character is an overpowered hunter, the main character here belongs to a very weak supporter class. But after regressing, he goes through huge character development and uses his cheat skill to get all the future’S-Rankers to his side.

3. Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

The main character, Jin Runcandel, was the youngest son of the most prestigious swordsman family. However, he was the biggest failure of his family who was not talented in swordsmanship. Later, one day he gets kicked out of the family, and due to not being able to survive on his own he dies..but later,  he gets another chance at life and gets regressed back to when he was still a child. 

Now with the memories of his past life, he vows to become the greatest swordsman. The art of this dungeon manhwa is amazing and its story is also good. The main character is weak at the start but he becomes strong and ruthless. 

2. My Mom Is My Constellation

My Mom is my Constellation

The main character Jaemin was a weak F-Class hunter, he was the son of two s rank hunters who previously died during the battle and he was left alone, He was trying hard to survive with his low-class rank but it was not an easy feat. However, one day while exploring the dungeon he died. But,  at his last moments, he gets saved by a mysterious constellation that sends him back to the past just before his awakening. and later he also comes to find out that the mysterious constellation was his own mother. 

The art of this dungeon manhwa is good and its story is also good. And with the knowledge of his previous life and with the help of his mother, he becomes a strong hunter. 

1. 990k Ex-Life Hunter

990k Ex-Life Hunter

In this world no matter how a person is there is at least 1 talent that he is born with. But the main character had no talent at all. He was an orphan and had no one in his life. Above all no one liked him and no one wanted to be around him except for people from his orphanage. After losing all hope in life one day the main character decides to go to a dungeon and earn some money. But unexpectedly the dungeon’s rank suddenly grew up and all his teammates dies.

Right when he was almost about to die his past life started appearing 1 by 1 in front of him. His all past lives were the greatest being and didn’t want the mc to ruin this. So they decide to lend him their strength. This is a really good dungeon manga. Be sure to try it.

A Word from Us

This is our list of 10 best dungeon manga/ manhwa list that you guys can try out. If you would like us to add more to our list then make sure to visit this post frequently. We will be adding more to our list in the future. If you find any mistakes then make sure to comment them down so that we can improve our writing further.

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